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Through specialized individual counseling, collaborative group counseling, and mental health education, we help those who are struggling with a variety of issues to find answers, relief and healthy ways for coping with the challenges life brings. At Cornerstone Counseling Center we have therapists who specialize in a variety of treatment modalities to ensure a wide range of care is available

​Cornerstone Counseling Center's personalized intake system allows you to be matched with a therapist who is the perfect fit for both your needs and your schedule. You can speak to our office coordinator at 860-736-5386, Monday through Friday,9am-3pm. Starting therapy is a courageous first step and all of us at Cornerstone Counseling Center applaud you for taking it. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can!

About 75 percent of people who enter psychotherapy show some benefit from it.

   -American Psychiatric Association


Our team is made up of therapists with a ​broad range of skill sets and availabilities to ensure you get the most beneficial care for your needs.


We aim to support client with prescribing and monitoring medication changes to help support clients with managing their mental health.


Our therapist's aim to empower through knowledge by keeping you themselves and their client's up to date on the latest treatment options and information.


Child/Adolescent Counseling

Couples Counseling

Family Counseling

Our therapists have expertise in providing specialized services to both children and adolescents. Cornerstone Counseling Center helps give kids and teens the safe space they need to explore their thoughts and feelings regarding any obstacles they're encountering. The main focus is on encouraging improvements in the most critical aspects of a young person's life at the earliest possible intervention point. 


Couples counseling at Cornerstone Counseling Center involves realizing that oftentimes our habits have been in need of changing before we even entered  in into a relationship. Our counselors are able to help each partner gain the tools necessary to improve communication, negotiate differences and solve problems. Part of the process of couples counseling is learning to engage in disagreements in a healthier, more productive way. We help couples learn new approaches and techniques to increase respect, affection, and closeness.  


The goal of family counseling is to work through struggles, challenges, and tough times to bring relatives together and strengthen their bonds. Family sessions will teach participating members the skills needed to deepen connections and navigate stressful times together. Cornerstone Counseling Center therapists focus on rebuilding damaged relationships and encouraging respectful, positive interactions as part of the therapeutic process. 

Medication Management

Individual Counseling


Cornerstone Counseling Center has a medical team that works to provide medication consultations and medication management to clients and families within Cornerstone.  The APRNs aim to provide wrap around support as an addition to clients working towards mental health goals.  Sessions are offered in person and telehealth.

Individual therapy is a safe and trusting environment for you to work on your mental health at your own pace. Cornerstone Counseling Center has a therapists have a variety of skill sets and each tailors a specific plan to meet the needs of their client. Starting the process of individual counseling can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our therapists aim to provide the utmost support and guidance to help you gain strength, empowerment, and self-awareness.

During this difficult time Cornerstone Counseling Center is happy to still be able to offer services to Connecticut residents through telehealth. Using a HIPAA complaint, audio-video platform our clients are able to meet with their therapists in real-time, from the comfort and safety of their homes while continuing to protect their privacy. The platform can easily be accessed from a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer by clicking a simple link, with no need to install applications or programs or any additional cost to our clients. 

Insurance Coverage for In-Person and Teleahealth:  Husky, Anthem, Optum, United Healthcare/Oxford, Aetna, Connecticare, Medicare and other insurances are accepted!   Reach out to the referral line directly for additional coverage information!  Sliding Scale and Private Pay rates are offered as needed.

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