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Plainville & CREC School Services


Cornerstone Counseling Center has been partnered with the Plainville School System since early 2020 and has recently partnered with the CREC School system in order to offer mental health services to students and their families within the classroom setting. Time and time again research has shown us that early connection to mental and behavioral health interventions increase children's responsiveness to treatment and lead to an increase in academic success and emotional well-being. Having therapists at their schools increases their access to these important services. 

Working closely with parents/guardians and school staff, our therapists provide a range of solutions for student's to help them cope with demands of academic and social life while also providing individualized therapy. Support for parent's is also a big role we play, helping families navigate their rights in 504 & PPT meetings. We pride ourselves in strengthening our communities through helping students reach their full potential.

Which schools participate?

Cornerstone Counseling Center has therapists Working in Frank T. Wheeler Elementary School, Linden Elementary School, Louis Toffolon Elementary School, Middle School of

Plainville and Plainville High School. As well as a variety of CREC schools located in Hartford County.  Please reach out for a full listing of CREC schools!

How do I get my child an in-school appointment?

Students at participating schools must be referred to a Cornerstone Counseling Center therapist through their school's Social Worker, Psychologist or Counselor.

Is insurance accepted for in-school appointments?

Our in-school services will be billed through you family's medical insurance. Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial health plans are accepted. A sliding fee scale, based on family size and income, can also be used as a self-pay option.

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"Every year 1 in 5 children experience a mental, emotional or behavioral health disorder"
-Center for Disease Control
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A Message From Our Owner

"Cornerstone is excited to work with Plainville schools to provide quality, collaborative care to the students and families in the community.  It is an honor to become part of this community and to continue to provide opportunities to both students and families to ensure we are assisting students in reaching their full potential mentally, emotionally and academically.  We believe taking a proactive individualized approach is essential to helping students reach their goals." 

-Chris Albini, Owner & Program Director                Plainville Schools Newsroom, 2020

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